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Shopify Flow action - Add points
Shopify Flow action - Add points
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OMNI integrates with Shopify flow to allow Shopify flow triggers to activate workflows that result in certain actions in OMNI, currently we support

  • "Add points" - to add a custom amount of points to a customer profile


  • Email - The email address of the customer you want to add the points to

    • Use dynamic variables provided by the trigger or Shopify customer object to dynamically add points to different customers with the same flow

    • Note: If OMNI is unable to identify a customer account with the provided email, no points will be added

  • Points to add - The amount of points you would like to award for this action

    • Only positive whole numbers is allowed

  • Action description - The description text of the action to be shown on the customer's points history

    • You can use a combination of static text and variables to craft a description text that provides more context to the customers while using a single template

  • Points effective at - The date and time which you would like the points to be added to the customer. If left blank, the time which we processed the action will be the default points effective at date time.

    • The points added will expire 365 days after the effective at date time

    • You can leave this blank if you don't need to define a custom date time other than the time the action is processed


  1. Select a relevant trigger on Shopify flow that you'd like to trigger the points added action

  2. (Optional) Add in conditions to create different branches of action or filter for certain criterias

  3. Select the Wave OMNI - Add points action from the list of actions

  4. Configure the fields and enable the flow

Shopify flow ideas

With a growing number of apps on Shopify integrating with Shopify flow, there are many ways that you can utilize the add point action on Shopify flow to create custom reward actions for your customers.

Here are some ideas you can think about:

  • Review submitted - reward points to your customers for submitting a product review to encourage customers to share their thoughts on your products

  • Referral made - reward points when your customers have made a successful referral to incentivize customers to bring more customers to your store

  • Form filled - reward points when your customers completed a feedback form, product recommendation quiz, or any other forms to increase customer engagement with the brand

Please note that for above use cases, there may be limitations based on the trigger app's Shopify flow implementation and OMNI's action will not be able to support certain use cases depending on the trigger app.

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