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Rewards: Overview
Rewards: Overview
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Using rewards is a great way to enage with your new and existing customers. OMNI offers a number of different reward types and methods that will allow your customers to obtain rewards that they can use as discount coupons or other mechanisms.

This article will walkthrough the reward methods and reward types supported by OMNI and the store-wide settings available to you.

Reward method

For each reward you create, you may create it under one of the following methods - which affects how your customer can obtain this reward.

Redeemable rewards

These rewards can only be redeemed with points that a customer owns. Customers can redeem these rewards directly on the storefront interface or your staff can help customers redeem these rewards on the admin dashboard or POS interfaces

Grantable rewards

These rewards will not be displayed on the storefront and cannot be redeemed with points. These rewards must be granted by the merchant via one of the following mechanisms

  • Shopify Flow - via our Shopify flow action "grant reward" you can use to build your own automated workflows. For more on how to setup Shopify flow to grant rewards, read this article

  • Member benefits - via our pre-built workflows for birthday, welcome (coming soon), and tier upgrade (coming soon) use cases​

  • One-time giveaway campaigns - to bulk grant a selected reward to a customer segment of choice on a one-time basis

  • Grant rewards API (coming soon) - via an API call to OMNI to grant a selected reward to customers

Rewards that are granted to a customer will be visible on the storefront - inside the customer's "My rewards" page along with the rewards that they redeemed with points

Reward types

The following reward types are available based on the reward method you select, allowing you to create different rewards for your customers

Free product rewards

Self service available | Redeemable & Grantable

Free product rewards allow you to offer a product variant on your store to be redeemed with loyalty points. You can configure this reward to redeem a specific quantity of a defined product.

Order discount rewards

Self service available | Redeemable & Grantable

Order level discounts allow you to offer a fixed amount off or a percentage off to the full order. You can configure the mininum purchase requirement to limit customer based on the order value

Product discount rewards

Self service available | Redeemable & Grantable

Product discounts allow you to offer a fixed amount off or a percentage off of the selected product or collection. You can configure the mininum purchase requirement to limit customer based on the value of the specified product or collection discounted.

Pay with points

Self service available | Redeemable

Pay with point reward allows customers to use their points to redeem for cash coupons in the form of discount codes based on the specified redemption ratio set by the merchant. There may only be 1 active pay with point reward active/scheduled at any given time

Other discount rewards

Contact us to setup | Redeemable & Grantable

If there are other discount code rewards with a reward logic that is supported by Shopify's discount code creation but not covered in our self service reward types, you can contact us for manual setup.

This may include - Free shipping

External rewards

Contact us to setup | Redeemable & Grantable

You can also create rewards that are not associated to a discount code and/or free product with external rewards. This can be useful for use cases like "Scheduling a consultation" or Redeeming a gift from another store - where the reward is not tied to discount code for your store but involves follow-up from your staff or other thrid party solutions

When a customer redeems an external reward, OMNI deducts the points specified but does not generate a discount code for usage. A reward/issued Shopify flow or Klaviyo trigger is sent, allowing you to build automation flows to send internal notifications to your staff for follow-up, trigger other app's action or API calls via Shopify flow.

QR code voucher rewards

Coming soon, contact us to learn more

Imortant note
You will need an active subscription on the Wave Voucher app and at least one API mode voucher setup to use this reward

If you want to send your customers a scannable QR code voucher as a reward, you can setup a Wave voucher reward. Upon redemption, the Wave voucher app will generate an unique QR voucher for the voucher product you selected and email that to the customer. Customers can also access the issued voucher directly in the OMNI customer interface

Store-wide reward settings

OMNI allows merchants to modify most settings for each reward you create, but there are some store-wide reward settings that will be applied to all rewards.

You can modify the following settings in Program Settings > Rewards before your loyalty program launch

  • Reward expiration period - Redeemed rewards will expire after the specified number of days. The default is set to 30 days but you may want to adjust this according to your shopper's average days between orders to entice further purchases

  • Discount prefix - OMNI will append a 1-4 character prefix to all the discount codes generated for redeemed rewards. You may want to modify this so shoppers can recognize the discount code from your brand

  • Discount combinations - You can enable discount combinations for OMNI rewards, allowing shoppers to combine multiple OMNI rewards or with other discount codes that has discount combination settings enabled in the same order.

    The combinable discounts are subject to Shopify's limitations. Read more

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