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For every tier that you setup in OMNI's loyalty program, you have an option to surface an always-on discount code exclusive to customers within that specific tier on the loyalty program interface.

This can be a good way to incentivize customers to enter a higher tier to enjoy more benefits, or build exclusivity for your most loyal customers.

Set up

To enable tier discounts, you need to complete the following actions

Creating the tier specific discount code

  1. Navigate into Discounts in your Shopify admin and click Create discount on the top right. Select the type of discount code you would like to create

  2. Set up the discount code details as you normally would

  3. Make sure that within the Customer eligibility section, select Specific customer segments and look for the customer segment for the respective tiers

    Cusomter segments for each tier should have been automatically created for you when the tiers were set up

  4. Complete creating the discount code and remember the discount code name

Display the code on your loyalty program interface

Once you have a discount code created, you can surface the discount code onto the OMNI user interface in the OMNI admin

  1. From the OMNI app admin, click on Program settings from the app navigation, and go to the Tiers tab. Select the tier you want to display the discount code in and click on Edit tier

  2. Scroll down and find Display tier discount and enable the toggle. Fill in the discount code you've created and include an optional description for the discount code if you'd like

    Make sure the tier handle of the tier matches the segment you selected in the eligible customers when creating the discount code

  3. Save the tier setting and you should see the tier specific discount code displayed on the loyalty program user interface for customers who are in that tier


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