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All customers in the loyalty program are automatically or manually assigned to a customer tier, which allows them to enjoy tier specific member benefits and earning ratios.

Tier types

Tiers can be separated into two major types based on the method which customers enter them

  • Spending tiers - Tiers that are entered based on a customer's spending in a defined period

  • Custom tiers - Tiers that are entered based on custom actions from the merchant

Spendng tier

By default, spending tiers are assigned to a customer based on the rolling 365 days spending amount. These tiers follow a strict hierarchy order and customers may upgrade or downgrade to tiers dynamically based on their spending.

Spending tiers can further be separated into

  • Base tier - The default tier all customers enter when they first join your loyalty program

    • This tier does not expire and requires no spending to enter

    • There must be one base tier per loyalty program scheme and cannot be deleted

  • Other spending tiers - These are additional tiers a customer can move into from the base tier or other tiers based on their rolling 365 day spending.

    • A customer can enter another spending tier when their rolling 365 day spending meets the "entry spend" set for the tier

    • This tier can expire and customer can remain in this tier if their rolling 365 day spending meets the "maintain spend" set for the tier

    • Otherwise, they may downgrade to a lower tier based on their rolling 365 day speniddng

    • There are no limits to the number of tiers, but the entry spend of each tier cannot overlap with one another

Spending tiers are the most commonly used tier type to encourage customers spending. With more spending, the customer upgrades and enjoys more benefits from the higher tier.

Custom tiers

Custom tiers are entered only via a manual placement by the staff. The tiers are not bound to a strcit hierarchy order and does not use customer spend to place a customer into a tier automatically.

These tiers can be set to expire and upon expiry they will be placed back into the spending tier hierachy based on the rolling 365 day spending until the time of custom tier expiry.

These are often used for custom use cases that require special handling from the normal tier hierachy and benefits - such as an exclusive invitation only VIP or staff accounts.

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